Best Cluster Tab Manager alternative in 2022

chrome tab manager is a Window and Tab Manager Chrome extension with all the features to keep you productive when working on multiple projects and need to organise your windows and tabs.

If you are already familiar with using the Cluster - Window & Tab Manager extension to manage your tabs and windows then switching over to is easy. has feature parity with Cluster so that you can still continue using the features that you depend on in your workflow. We have also added all the missing features that a good tab manager should have, such as naming windows, session management and backup & sync across devices. extension screenshot

If you have saved windows that you want to keep and transfer over, you can export them and import them into using the built-in importer.

Below is a list comparison of all the current features that and Cluster supports.



Window Manager

Tab Manager

Search Tabs

Multiple Columns

Save Windows & Tabs

Import & Export

Suspend Tabs

Sort Tabs

Keyboard Navigation

Close Duplicate Tabs

Name Windows

Drag & Drop Tabs

Drag & Drop Windows

Cloud Backup & Sync

Session Manager